2k15. Year of Character Development + 'Different' Stories


Righto. So this year, hopefully being different than others, I will be able to write a script and execute a production that will be different. Not just different when placed in comparison to other students' works - but different in both planning, execution and presentation.

First part is just by looking at the stories that I want to be able to write and make a short film out of. Before I came back, and descended on the ground of Invercargill, I had started a document which I made available between myself, Tyler Baikie, Adam Browne, Duncan Sarkies + others. This document would outline some film ideas I thought of during the Summer Break and opened the oppertunity for others to either include their ideas and build upon concepts (which I admit are quite small in detail).

When it comes to the ideas that I've come up with so far, I've tried to keep away from tropes used in the past, unless I'm planning to rip the shit out of them, that are either totally depended on in developing the story, developing the character or used in another minor way. One could probably say that my first idea doesn't sound that different to others already done...


But I would negate that, saying that no one has yet decided to include Personal Loan businesses, "Loan Sharks", as a central 'theme' or point that will shape, if not make, the plot in its entirety. I've heard about the news stories on Loan Sharks and about how it's affected people in different cases (though usually the same consequences), but haven't seen a short film to explore on how these consequences could take place.

However, now that I read this back - the plot doesn't have to be completely centralised to the Shark Loan place, in fact - it would be better to explore the characters and let that drive the narrative, but having the situation at hand affect them in a natural way. Letting the chaos take place and having the characters react to it in their own way.


Now this one will be interesting, I thought of how Indie films nowadays execute their productions around their characters. Thinking about films that lead their protagonist on a journey to self-discovery. However, whether it would work in a workable duration for a short film + if plot points that make sense, in one way or another, or not would require me to rethink this. Perhaps. Not a bad idea, nevertheless.


Now this one, would be an instant classic - because of the obviously human-race related subject matter that would arise in this upcoming production, but hopefully some character development would come out of this too. Exploring the idea on how this could mentally affect a person who didn't know what he had done until 21 years later..

Wow. Deep.

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