The Peter Rowley Debate

updated Mon 2 March '15 @ 7:10pm // click here

In all honesty, his argumental comebacks were less than the worth of actually debating against something. I'd rather have an intellectual discussion with a singular piece of shit.

The discussion, put in context, surrounds the argument around Video Piracy. Rowley was openly asking for opinions and I decided to chip in my two cents in the way that I had learned how to - by proper debate + referencing.

However what it really turned into, thanks to Rowley, was a battle of murmuring (or modern internet debating)

how it started how it continued ooh, such development wait... the fuck?

Yes. He finally deleted it - and removed me as a friend.
What a sad sack.

Perfect soundtrack to this would be the classic Funkadelic track I referenced before:

Whole Lot of BS (1972 Version) by Funkadelic on Grooveshark

Cheers to Mr Baikie for being the "colleague". Don't shoplift, kids.


Thanks to set public settings of Facebook, Peter Rowley was able to comment on the images that I had posted and further the 'debate' on further. Thankfully however, I had the assistant of good friend David Lewis + master of the trolling artform, Tyler Baikie.
Thankfully, Mike Symes brought a valid discussion point which concerned the issue of Copyright. However, I did have to address Rowley first in the respectable mature manner - whilst also having a headache.

Trust me, this thing bugged me for the entire afternoon.

After that, it was time to formulate my response to Mike. And yes, not only is this a beast - but David + Tyler chip in their two cents too.
The end. I hope.

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