Truth to Power // Edition #2

Truth To Power Title Card This week in Screenwriting, nothing else, apart from the steps on writing a screenplay and developing an examplar scene from a chosen venue and other elements like the character, objective and obstical being determained by the creator, whilst valuing the input of classmates, really happened.

There was one part of the second session that made me question on how no-one else was picking it up. That would be the "Crystalisation" of the obsticle and how it clearly opposes the objective of the protagonist for the scene/film being written. In my example having the payphone as a method of achiving the objective was a good start - the obsticle which could vary and branch off into another obsticle or two (not too much, or it will get tedious) was in my mind and would crystalise/solidify the plot.

I mean, it's great to start the class off like this for the year - getting right into it, but it's going a bit slowly and I feel it should be about time that we start working on our pieces. Hopefully the examplar scene should be done by the end of the week.

If I don't end up writing more than this next week, I will start to include short film reviews - starting with Dirty Harry, as I'm studying the film's soundtrack for Vaughn's audio class.

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