Eyes of Lenses // Edition #3

EOL Title Card For some reason, and it will explain why the length of this week's post is incredibly short - The only notes I have written includes the fact that we looked at Film Speed.

More commonly referred (to those who actually used the appropriate shooting medium) to as Film Speed, ISO is the current measurement unit of a rating scale that stretches from 0.8 (slow) to 400000 (fast) (according to Wikipedia: "Nikon D4s and Sony α ILCE-7S [reach this ISO]") and describes the light sensitivity of film. Of course, the 'faster' the film, the more sensitive to light it is.

The other film rating scales included the DIN, ASA (and others, apparently) before hitting ISO.

Other than that, the week was more about experimentation and seeing if we could achieve Depth of Field outdoors and, at times, see what would happen when the gain was set to High.

DoF Testing

The video above are the results that I produced using a Canon XF305 Video Camera. For each setting of lens - Wide, Mid + Long - I had to shoot from an array of aperture openings, ND Filters and, consequently, high gain levels.

Ultimately, I learnt one thing - don't ever change the plane of focus when completing one shot and moving along to the next. It ruins everything. However, doing this test - I am one step closer in getting this DoF thing under my belt.

This time and for always, I shall 'not-quite-never' boost light into the frame by opening the aperture, but either getting more lights or by changing the shutter speed/ISO to an appropriate level.

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