Truth To Power // Edition #6

Truth To Power Title Card Nothing to be written this week as we are currently overlooking scripts that have recently been handed in. However, I would like to write a short comment about my script.

It's taken me a little while to think about it - but I may go ahead and make some adjustments to it and come up with the other paperwork needed to complete an application form for Fresh Shorts. A comment from Adam Browne suggests that I need to change a few minor things - including advice from Patrick Gillies (in italics).

  • Make more "Kiwi" (getting rid of quarters concept and go for silver coins)
  • Make Dale cross-reference phonebook with similar page with mass number of contacts crossed out, making it seem as if Dale's been hard at work at finding his family.
  • Note down events on post-it notes or bulletpoints and arrange in linear order to see what is missing from the plot.

This should take place after I finish writing this damn Tableplay/kitchen-opera screenplay. But nevertheless, this seems good enough for me to try and shoot at the end of the year - if it's not too ambitious enough, that is.

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