Eyes of Lenses // Edition #7

EOL Title Card So. What's been up? Apart from 48HOURS draining my life away, nothing else has really happened. We recieved our Genres/News Report agenda from Patrick - so that'll keep me offline for a few hours every week.

Time to crack out the notes.

Genre: haven't started making notes yet. however, i do know that distorting the field of view and wide + incredibly tight framing of some shots are a visual trope of the Horror genre. Will give Matt the task of writing script + concept of the group project, since myself and Lee have another Table Play script to write at the same time.

News Piece: Process has started on piecing things together, still have to shoot three more things - an outdoor interview (one done with Patrick Gillies wasn't good enough), and two reporter shots. Also need to shoot B-roll sequence of young people drinking then watching CUE TV in a living room OR person editing news and putting it through a piece of Broadcast Software (i.e: Wirecast).

factual shooting discipline —> knowing in your own mind of what you are shooting + framing up + what the final outcome is. B-roll = sequence of shots pertinent to the story to make it interesting. Comes between i/views. entering frame —> in-point of piece exiting frame —> out-point of piece. shooting economy —> ratio between footage shot + footage used in edit.

Here's a teaser:

plus the end.

& something great from the uk election [geek time]

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