Truth To Power // Edition #7

Truth To Power Title Card This week. Nothing really happened.
Although I must disclose that I was feeling like grog shit on Wednesday.
I must of eaten something gone bad. Must be those damn eggs.

Apart from that. I have an idea for my table-play.
Two characters, perhaps both female (to be thought of more).

Both are twenty-somethings, but one has gone out into the world, and although is attempting to get herself out there and fully engages within her inner and outer social circles - doesn't seem to be fulfilling life somehow.

The other character, same age, is serverly closed off from social activities (other than having coffee, meals, interaction with other character [flat-mates]) and is both an academic and social justice warrior - behind a mouse and a keyboard.

I imagined these two in some modern comedy - both trying to get what they want in life, but having to make small compromises instead, whilst in Dunedin.

Myself and a few other people were talking about someone using Tinder, a find-a-fuck-buddy app, with two Jehovah's Witness families nearby. [nameless] spoke about an internet celebrity's experience with a guy who had a relatively clean and "freshly shaven crouch" and "lasted more than 10 minutes" with "squirting [involved]".

Can't talk or do drugs - but it seems like Sin City Sex Discussions are the way ahead.

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