Truth To Power // Edition #8

Truth To Power Title Card Status + Ripping the shit out of two Rialto Channel™ 48HOURS™™ 2015 films for "undercooked scripting", including my film, took place this week.

Dawn of the Dough: Getting Ripped to Shreds

Now, understandably, one can see how they can get deterred from who the central character is - because he doesn't show up for a good 50 seconds to 1 minute in the film. However, I would still argue that a prelude is more than okay for a short film - but now only if that prelude is short and sweet (of course, depending on the length of the text and its plot etc.)

I generally agree that the scripting was undercooked, as one [and only, thus far] reviewer placed it, but considering the infamous Gillies Walk-in Curse and the fact that a story needed to be re-done after the first failed attempt - I still have pride in the film that my team made; to the degree that I'm not too attached to it to see it being attacked.

Top Tip: Directors shouldn't be the screenwriters in 48HOURS. They have better things to do.

Character Status: How to think less/more of yourself.

This week included a lesson of both coming up with characters and subjecting them to situations and whatnot (to be continued later...) - we did go around the table and tried to continously think less and more of ourselves, because we are the vultures of life and have the authority to therefore exploit it for dramatic purposes.

From being the most egotistical eco-friendly non-eating-of-organic-matter human being to not knowing what a Social Justice Warrior was - we did it all. But it was more harder to think less of ourselves, because, in a Randian fashion, it simply isn't human or rationally logical.

However, I feel that Gillies may be requesting a video that I recently released which may effectively show the lessening of one's status and in a subtle way. Here it is below. Could be wrong.

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