Eyes of Lenses // Edition #9

EOL Title Card Second Assessment done. This weekend was purely dedicated in getting this Horror Cinematography thing done, in the way of pre-production, of course.

Sppoky Horror Cinematography Exercise

Broo! Scared ya'

Those are the words of Dr. Steven Brule - but getting back to the project at hand, most of the work in terms of the concept and story was done some time ago by Mr Matt VD. He had created, as part of his 2011 NCEA Media Studies studies, a short horror film with some freshly unwrapped DV Tape.

After the first time seeing this, I was sold. It had a fairly basic, simple and okay storyline - but it also opened many oppertunities to give the piece new life with a better camera and some new dank (2015's version of awesome) angles.

These angles can be seen with this screenshot of a Google Keep notepad, where I've broken it down with the lens that I'll use, for what shot size and a small portion about what I'm hoping to capture. Furthermore, thanks to the sophisticated nature of hyperlinks, if you click on the screenshot - you'll download my storyboard, which should give some graphical context.

Google Keep Screenshot

In terms of inspiration, as to how I'm imagine how the shots will look like, come from the one and only Mark Borchardt, fame coming from the 1999 Sundance Festival classic American Movie, who directed, starred, produced and wrote the short film Coven.

The film itself is a definite watch as it seems to nail the conventions of the genre on the head - and it makes sense too, as Mark had been brought up around the time that American Horror classics appeared in the 70s and 80s - Texas Chainsaw Massacre, anyone? However, it seems that it was a hybrid mix of this and a few of the classic B&W American Horror flicks, which fed on the public's mass hysteria and fear of all things sppoky and evil (e.g. Night of the Living Dead etc.) that inspired Borchardt.

Given that, here's a really small breakdown that I did with examples using Coven - p.s: not that specific, but more generalised.

These things should appear in the presentation later today - as headed and presented by frontman and director:
Matt Van Dorrestein.

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