Truth To Power // Edition #9

Truth To Power Title Card We're nearly getting to the 10th Edition. Wow.
So right now, I should be in the process of creating the step outline for the Table Play, but haven't as I feel I need to get the beat sheet done first. Just to be comfortable. So here it is.

Beat Sheet: Moments Inspired from Banter from Neighbour's Place.

Act 1:

  • Late night. Wife sitting at the table. Only light source coming from the kitchen - the setting for the ensuing action.
  • A child sleeps. Peacefully.
  • Husband arrives back home. Takes a while to get to the kitchen as he is drunk. Again.
  • Wife, looking infront of her (perhaps at the floor), gives the same line. "You're late. Where have you been?". She delivers the line in a monotone fashion.
  • Husband retailiates back, mumbled and drunkard. "It's none of your damn business." After a slight pause, he shouts: "Bitch.". She stutters.
  • Wife sits idle. Whilst this happens, Husband freshen himself up at the bathroom sink. He discovers a blade, blatedly left by the tap. It has blood on it.
  • Husband takes blade over to Wife, furiously. Starts to fire questions. She turns her head, facing away from Husband. Wife responds - "I don't know where that's come from."
  • Not taking that answer, Husband grabs his Wife's arm and tries to pull up her sleave. He's met with some resistance. Given some time, he manages to look at his wife's arms, bare, with three cuts.
  • Husband becomes emotional (not authentically, as he's drunk). Wife stands: Idle, lifeless. He embraces her, attempts to reconcile - delivering typical lines. "I'm sorry for whatever I've done, I've tried to give everything I have into making our family better - but you haven't been talking to me for weeks now and I just don't know what to do.. I promise to make everything better.." etc.
  • At this stage, one would want to see Husband having some sort of high-ground, as he seems concerned about what he's done wrong to cause his Wife to have problems. (But this, of course, isn't the case)

Act 2:

  • The child sleeps. He's having a bit of trouble sleeping.
  • Wife starts to speak: "Sorry. You've always been sorry. A sorry bastard." She pushes him back onto the couch, forcing him to sit down. The tables have turned.
  • Husband seems bewildered, surprised. Wife, now in a distressed state, starts to rove on about the following sub-bullet points:
    • How Husband never says that he loves her, never gives her love when she wants/is in need of his love - but that he gets it when he wants, never touches her - not with the smallest of love acts (e.g: pecks on the cheek) ((Husband preferably has beard.))
    • How she can't go out when she wants to and has to ask permission, or suffer with questions towards her about what she did. However, he gets to go out when he pleases and never answers calls/texts from her.
    • How, as an effect of previous bulletpoint, she gets labelled by him as a slut/pig. Calls him one instead.
  • During this time, Husband looks at the floor (agitated), and tries to mutter a counter-argument. Wife fires back by continuing to intimidate him and telling him to "Shut Up".
  • The child sits along the side of his bed. Scratches head, descends to floor and starts to walk, rather slowly, to where the noise is coming from.
  • Wife continues with rant monologue - now teary-eyed.
    • Total communication shutdown as the cause of her cutting herself - to deal with the heartbreak/depression.
    • MAYBE CUT OUT IN FINAL PRODUCT: Wife changed her behaviour towards Husband in the past, to how she was being treated by him to try and confront him about his attitude problems. But seemingly, he never got the justs of it.
    • She wants him to start loving her, or get the heck out of her life. Finally, she proclaims her love, "My Heart is on my sleeve, just for you, and you don't share that back?!..".

Act 3:

  • Child, in tired state, enters room and mumbles "Mum..?". Without thinking straight after rant, Wife yells at child to get out of the room.
  • Silence. Stillness fills the room. Child cries and runs towards his bedroom. Wife soon follows, pleaing to her child.
  • Husband still looking idle, at the floor.
  • A neighbour shouts from outside: "Can you shut the fuck up?!". The screen goes black. Neighbour finishes off: "Thank You".
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