Dat Motion // Edition #1

It's the first post for Vaughn's Motion Graphics and Compositing class and it's pretty exciting. Given that students can freely work on a story that isn't dictated by strict conditions - I feel a change occuring. Though, to be honest, I'll probably want this thing to be really good anyway - so I'll just keep to professional creative standards.

The Idea

Righto. As explained in the first class that I attended - my idea would be to produce a short animated thing, using motion graphics as a visual stimulant, where someone will tell me a story whilst under the influence of alcohol. However, given the time requirement of "around a minute", I'll be under some restriction - which is good in a sense, I suppose.

Although I had gained major reaction from friends - I've picked Matt Van Dorrestein to give me a story, as it's guarenteed that his story will both be hilarious and will be descriptive enough to both film and illustrate.

Just to re-emphasise, I plan on using drawn motion graphics, use pictorial elements in compositions and use the 2.5D Effect with archival materials (photographs). Matt will be shot against a greenscreen so that in some cases, he'll easily blend into the aesthetically ficticious world that I'll create.

Stylistically speaking, I hope that characters will look like this..

Whilst the scenary behind will be a mix of different photos of props and backgrounds - like this:

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