Round 2 feat. Gillies // Edition #2

update (as of Tuesday 25 Aug) : The latest episode of "Just Thoughts" is made in retrospect to what has been written. It is included at the very end of the post.

In this week's edition - progress and the idea of the current assignment, which is a documentary.

The Documentary

After thinking about it for just a while, and also considering the fact that making a doco on dairy milk prices were going no-where (and although would have been relevant, the issue itself leads to a rather small story being told), I had decided to work on something that reflected something current, in the viewing eye of the public, and more importantly - had a face to it.

In this case, I went with the flag consideration project as a Stephen Jones was the NZ Youth representative on the panel. That, and after doing some more research recently - there's another checkpoint with this (Four Final Flags to vote on in Referendum), in the middle of September - which should be interesting.

However, bad news is that I haven't heard back from Stephen yet - even though I've contacted the Invercargill City Youth Council Reps and asked for Stephen to get a copy of my letter, addressed to him about what the project is about and how I propose to have him partake in the production. I only hope to recieve replies sooner, rather than later.

Just Thoughts Podcast:

This week, cover discloses details over a letter recieved by SIT from someone by the name of Harry. However, there's dilemma over the person being legit or not, through the words of a colleague. If this idea falls through, there is concern over what other stories are out there that will contain interesting characters/stories.

Other than that - there really isn't more to update on.
Although I quickly chucked this thing up, very interesting political election in Canada at the moment - as if this situation were to happen here, we'd forget about it at lunch time.

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