Round 2 feat. Gillies // Edition #4

With the documentary soon to be handed-in, with a coherant draft not yet completed, I quickly go through parts of the production and why it's difficult just trying to complete it.


The documentary, centered around the storytelling career of Elizabeth Miller is a rather plesent one, until a guy by the name of Keith comes to Invercargill and takes over the management of the library. By then, Keith makes Elizabeth's career as a children's librarian a living wreck. However, being the person that she is - she doesn't become bitter, but those around her, namely Lesley Soupa (previous Labour Party candidate for Invercargill) who worked with Elizabeth in the 1980s - noticed that Keith was being what could be considered to be a douchebag.

However, the stress was overwhelming for Elizabeth and several other colleagues - that led to her resignation in early 1990. For a few months afterwards, I could only imagine that she was truly terrified for her lifelyhood.

Where would my next penny come from, I was even afraid to buy an ice cream.

Although the piece itself will be more of an encompassing story - I do plan on using a considerable amount of archival material (roughly 30 years worth) and some nice dramatic music, Pale Horses - Moby (which I've just been given the green-light to use in this 'student film'), to exaggerate the experience.

Quick note: Tyler helped to create the amazing lighting atmosphere and rigging the lights up; And of course... With archival material - Motion Graphics will be used.

Tyler Baikie: Better Living

perhaps these will be Baikie's parting words.

Posted by Corey Fuimaono on Thursday, 10 September 2015
moar motion graphics testing

can i plez have job?p.s: this is a sample from my next doco.

Posted by Corey Fuimaono on Friday, 11 September 2015
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