Round 2 feat. Gillies // Edition #5

Welcome back - probably something that will be said at today's class at 3pm. It's Term 4 and it's going to be interesting - just having to edit what is The Dynamic Duo. I'll talk briefly about how the shooting went and also be writing about my intentions in applying for an internship at [adult swim] - in the heart of Atlanta, GA.

The Dynamic Duo

Yes. Mr Gillies - I want to know how you thought my disaster of a shoot was going (I say this with hindsight knowledge that I should not let Matt VD be in the camera department again; due to him taking over my Directing role at one stage (calling the shots), and some of the shots being.. out-of-focus [facepalm].

However, apart from that - the shooting went without too much of a hitch. The weather was perfect, to say the very least, and with editing now underway (to be done as soon as possible), things are finally looking up.

I invite people who actually read this shit, to have a look at the many great amounts of videos that will prove on how The Dynamic Duo was made. Oh boy. What a disfigured birth to a creation we did.

Play it. Back to Back.

Dreams at working at [adult swim] are coming closer

Yes. I had applied for two positions last week. Any calls back so far? Nope. Will there be any - probably not, but its good to give it a shot nevertheless.

The jobs in particular are both intern positions that would pay minimum wage which is $7.25 an hour and require a minimum commitment of 20 hours a week. Now, assuming that I may take the first semester off to complete this internship op - I may be able to fit in a lot more hours... But perhaps I'm getting too ahead of myself here... I still don't know how I'd live over there; in a camper van that I can't legally drive - perhaps.

The internship jobs in particular will look at either Post-Production (in which they use the Adobe Creative Suite) and their Live Webcasts (which although would primarily require me to create graphics more than anything else, I would still get the oppertunity to have 'a look under the hood' persay).

Apart from that - nothing else is really happening. Now time to sleep in. For once.

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