Dat Motion // Edition #2

updated: now has completed product at the bottom of the post

I think it's agreed that I'm probably going to fail the blog side of this paper, given the fact that this is the second post, the one that hasn't been around for nearly three months - since the last (and first) post. However, with that put aside, I'd might as well make this an explanitory post - as to discuss on how and why the final edit that I've handed in is quite, if not completely, different to the one that I had originally done pre-production for.

Change in Project Idea

Given that I now only had a week to come up with a concept, shoot, edit and accomplish VFX work on a one minute clip, which could also incorporate some of the same elements that I was going to use (Motion Graphics + Greenscreen), and create a short 'parody' of sorts, which would be a mock video like the ones that have been made by the likes of Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim (pictured above).

These two have made some weird, obsurd and overall, purposefully different content over the years given that they've seen and then parodised the production values of Public Access TV in America. This is usually the case with some shows looking as horrendisly awful as this:

However, I would not be doing Heidecker and Wareheim any justice without me noting their significantly unique comedic-duo influence on the work that they've generated for their [adult swim] shows, that spanned from 2007 up to 2014 respectively, which serve as a basis for many of the concepts and thoughts that I've had around my video for the second assessment.

From Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job! / [adult swim]

From this one example below, we see how far these guys, in some cases of the material that they produce, extend the usability of greenscreen footage, involving the interaction of added motion graphics in post and transforming (stretching/pulling) of the original material, in an outrageous manner that create the comedic effect - of which, the viewership of this type of programming acknowledge possible works that inspired the creators to make this and that they are satirising it, along with their other skits throughout the series.

In this case, I'll be parodying the typical execution of these types of videos, which have gained popularity over the last couple years and creating cult audiences, if not an internet 'le maymay' culture - dedicated to either terrible works (e.g. Tommy Wiseau's The Room // Troll 2) or parodying versions of these kinds of works.

The Idea itself

Getting right to the video itself; it will be portrayed as a 'Meet the Team' corporate video for a space camp agency: "Okowai Space Camp". In this case, we'll meet Dave the Receptionist - who I've decided will be acted by Aaron Askew, purely on the basis that he was able to give this performance in a different video - and it was the character that I knew could further extend the amount of cheese this video would have.

Kate White

Aand of course, with this sort of video - I knew straight away that such a faux promo video would require the 'right' kind of music...

*New Dynamic* / Smartsound Royalty Free Music

Screenshots - because the thing was done from Friday and was completed on Saturday

Yes, the one and only Buzz Aldrin makes a small cameo apperance in this video. But also as interesting is discussing on how this composition was done. First, by doing a pre-composed composition of the photo of Buzz walking on the moon (from NASA), then doing a rapid zoom out (by that stage, introducing a graphic of the moon from WikiMedia). Noticing that the moon hadn't been masked (with the edges still being there), I decided to mask around the moon - but then feather out the edges, as to allow it to blend against the space background.

Then we introduce the pre-composed composition with the other final composition, with Buzz Aldrin entering the frame from the side, looking at a moon rotate on by, with a smaller self just taking those few steps that he walked on the moon back in the late 60s.

Greenscreening this as a piece of piss. However, one thing that I knew, but never truly avoided and bit my ass later on, was some of the green spill that appeared around Aaron's body as I progressed from the footage. To try and prevent it, I got Aaron to step away from the greenscreen as much as the space around myself and the lights would allow (which wasn't that much, with three lights directly next to myself and SIT PRO equipment right behind us). However, judging it retrospectively, it was the best that could have been done - and it never quite proved to be a real problem - though fixing it in post is almost an impossible inevitability.

Not to forget an element of motion graphics that I originally wanted in the originally presented idea.

That's pretty much it - you're updated!
(plus, the work has been handed-in. now to complete 5k essay).

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