Round 2 feat. Gillies // Edition #6

Yippee! So the final edit is done and the colouring is almost there too. All that is needed to be completed is the sound work and just that lil' bit of colouring work - which will be completed over the coming weekend.

Question from Floppy Diskette DJ Gillie-Willie, Answered

Last time, Gillies asked if I could comment on the process of editing the series. To start, I'd probably like to say that I wish I'd be the one getting away with the Waugh clause right now..

Editing three episodes, especially when given the tone of the piece and the fact that you can't shoot with two or three cameras, has been a pain in the ass. Trying to match lines or particular actions in scenes from multiple takes is a real hassle and would have only been easier if the action was more practiced (and therefore the actions/pace would be more consistent = reduction of frustration between takes for the final edit) or the use of at least two cameras during suitable scenes were dialogue between two or more characters are taking place.

Apart from this, there really isn't anything else to comment on. I'll be writing my last, large and retrospective post on the project and the paper overall, next week.

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