Back Benches Shenanigans

Whilst here in Wellington, with my grandfather's health jeopardy - I did find some time (before things got worse for the poor, but incredibly strong man) to pop off to the Back Benches Pub. I went, knowing I'd be meeting with an old high school friend of mine, Danny Bultitude, and also knowing that Back Benches would be shooting the same night. What I didn't know, was that I'd unwittingly get involved as one of the main people on the show that night. Sure, don't get me wrong, it was one hell of an experience: I just didn't expect it comin'. I remember it well (sort of), as if it happened yesterday...

I get out of the car, and walk straight into the pub. Shit - no spaces.. One literally needs to book a table, just to get a good seat in the joint.. However, I did seem to naturally quiver over towards the bar and order a beer. By that point, the phone rattles as I pay for the pint - Danny just informing me to tell him when I arrived to give him a text back. As I text back, writing that I'm already at the bar - a female taps me on the shoulder. The producer (who I didn't know at the time) had asked if I was in attendance for the program. Naturally, I said that I was a big fan of the show - during its original run on TVNZ 7, even stretching to now on PRIME Television (although once could certainly improve the quality of their OnDemand service) and that I always wanted to see how the show was made. With that, she welcomed me and I went back to my beer.

Danny comes over. I shout him a pint of cider. Nek Minit - Wallace Chapman appears and comes over. His interest in my grandfather's Tweed jacket, facinated him (which isn't surprising, given that he has a fashion blog); then he just proceeded in tapping Hayley Holt on the shoulder, telling her that here are some interesting people to have as pundits: possibly one-off. If I didn't have my Tweed-patterned jacket, the episode would have gone normally and without speech-slurred hitches. But nope. It didn't end up that way..

With room to mess up with the frame.. Danny and I decided to perform acts of shenanigans whilst interviews with more serious individuals, unlike ourselves, took place. This is before they came over to us..

The rest now lay within broadcast history..

Photo Op

I have the strangest feeling that they could give me an oppertunity to produce something for them in future.. Possibly.. That.. or I'm just getting ahead of myself.

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