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Watch "Tickled" First BEFORE READING THIS!


Left: David D'amato (a "process server" and supposed operator of Jane O'Brien Media, as seen by documents discovered and presented near the ending of "Tickled". Middle: D'amato's minder - perhaps representative of his Legal Counsel. Right: Dylan Reeve, one of the duo of directors - outside of a theatre in L.A. where a Q&A was hosted. David Farrier, other half of duo directorship, attended a Q&A in NYC that night. /// source: Callie D / Twitter [with poor photoshop skills from me]

I tell you, I haven't had as much fun ever since the series of Facebook comments going back and forth, between yours truly and NZ comedian Peter Rowley on the subject of Piracy on the Internet. Sure, I'll still remember that as one hell of a great time, debating an alternative viewpoint when coming face-to-face with the side of the argument that's been brewed for years within a continuously aging generation - but there's nothing like being right on the front-lines, in the confrontation that continues: Between Farrier, Reeve & Fans/Defenders all on one side, against the firm of Jane O'Brien Media and those who support them on their side. It is truly a war against words, especially with the website specifically made to discredit the film -

Before I continue, I want to acknowledge the fact that D'amato and Clarke did show up at a Q&A screening of Tickled and that it was so crazy - that two live streams were being filmed of the ordeal; which I've neatly included at the end of this blog post. This shit is getting crazy - though I could only assume that this is just getting started. How would I know? Perhaps from uncovering some other things (which I hope happens) and the seriously legal threatening undertones of D'amato's talk within the Q&A video.

A Homebrew Investigation Takes Place

Kevin Clarke, producer of Jane O'Brien Media tickling videos for a self-described "7 Years", introducing viewers to a rather interesting interview with someone who featured in the documentary. In my express opinion, I feel like this is the sort of face someone would pull if taking a shit was taboo. /// source: Tino M / YouTube [with some photoshoppin' meme-age from me]

As previously written in the first review I wrote for Tickled, found here, I had started to do some of my own research into the entire ordeal that the film presented. Given by that stage that I was aware of and had read some of the posts made by Kevin Clarke had made in a site called - I personally wanted to jump right into what I soon discovered was to be quite the rabbithole. It was going to be a bumpy ride, but I was ready for it; even if it meant if I'd be neatly delivered threats in my inbox. I wanted to find the truth.

Writing thoughts down. In this small diagram - it shows a process of finding information, prudent to the investigation. /// source: just a drawing in a notebook.

It all started with some simple stuff (do it yourself and be completely l33t liek meh) :

Step 1: See who owns by performing a WHOIS search.

Hmm... Nederdietsen BV.. seems like an interesting company group name.. probably doesn't mean much.. Let's continue though..

Step 2: Perform a Reverse WHOIS search to see if Nederdietsen BV or owns any other websites.

Wow.. Now sure, in Tickled - there was speculation that there were more domains.. hundreds.. but perhaps this is all that we can get on a "free" basis (other sites services provide more results, for a nominal fee).

With that though.. let the games begin..
Time to search through each and every single domain. Bottom to Top.

Now of course, a large number of these sites would be absolutely dead. Sure, they're registered under the name that was searched up Nederdietsen BV ; though it doesn't necessarily mean that the servers that each domain is mapped to is still alive. It could also mean that domains expired and are in a state of Quarantine - giving time for the admin at Nederdietsen to renew their lease on the domain before it goes back on the market. And thus, in most cases - links were dead. Although there is one specific link that I'll come to later.. let's see what sites are still alive and what insight can be drawn from it.

Just before we delve into things - this is how I personally could come close to D'amato being involved in with Nederdietsen.

Sure, this only makes D'amato the Process Server of Nederdietsen Group for the NY Department of State (at the very least).. but since there is no other people in the picture - and given D'amato's past in the Internet Tickling community (watch in documentary); it could only be him... right? // source: New York State Govt

Oh.. and get this... That address just redirects to a local UPS store.. Not even joking.. Though... one can find where the guy lives (where the final scene of Tickled takes place).

I don't imagine there being 617 suites in there... May be Private boxes in there.. perhaps? // source: Google Maps/Street View

Site 1: Ticklish Kiwi

As discussed in the documentary for a brief second, it was said that kiwis had taken part in projects run by Jane O'Brien Media - yet, this was the only kiwi to have had a website, publically dedicated to himself, with an embedded video of him being tickled by another male.

This is - which is redirected to from (a site seen in the Reverse WHOIS information above).

Now whilst this page exists, one has to really ask why it exists. Joshua Lepage himself, has said in a article that he believed it was a classic bait-and-switch.

"It was a classic bait and switch. I got told I was being flown to LA first class for an endurance event and when I got there… Well, it wasn't an endurance event.
Sure, it's a little bit embarrassing looking back on it. But I figured - hey, be tickled on camera for 15 minutes and have a house deposit or go spend my student life flipping burgers getting in debt?"

Topless brawler fined over fight in central Auckland was a competitive tickler // Josh Fagan, Stuff

The money was there, and it was substantial. Guaranteed for Lepage if he wanted it - and he took it; flying over to L.A. to be tickled by other men and then flying back to New Zealand. As Reeve argues in a Q&A session in L.A. - that'd be the end of it, for some participants... However, for some unlucky others, like Lepage, sites - with domain names matching their full names being purchased explicitly, and their own dedicated IP addresses, nameservers... One just has to ask - what the objective is here.

As mentioned in the documentary, after retaliation of one of the participants - videos of themselves ended up on a multitude of Video Repository sites across the internet. From YouTube to Dailymotion, and possibly a free porn video website (or two).

Could it be that Lepage retaliated like the participant within Tickled? Did Lepage even notice the page go up and was told by someone else that noticed it? Or, do the words used, "Sure, it's a little bit embarrassing looking back on it", suggest that Lepage wasn't too concerned about it?

There's something to me that suggests that Lepage could have retaliated against the forces of Jane O'Brien Media.. and that he might have.. but didn't necessarily follow through with it, fully. Of course.. Lepage wasn't the only one to fall victim to such propagation of materials..

Site 2: Windsurfer

[now strangely defunct/inactive - late June 2016]

Like the first site, showcased another young, sporty/athletic personality, Ezri Heymans, being tickled - with numourous videos being offered to download, rather than just one. However, the tone of a paragraph or two would make anyone think twice as to the intentional effect of the site's existence.. Especially what it meant for Ezri himself.

It's rather unfortunate that I didn't screenshot the site, like I did the others - however, I do specifically remember that the site wrote that Heymans was arrested nearing the time of the latest edit of the website and was also rejected by his family, due to his supposed involvement of drugs; but of course, there's no source to that point being cited. Just another lie from the 'anon. author' of this website. It was also written that other tickling videos were to be compiled and released to the general public on DVD - to be found on online stores like Ebay, Amazon and Barnes & Noble (which thankfully never eventuated).

Just to satisfy the fact that Nederdietsen owned - here's another WHOIS result.

However - saying that, videos of Heyman being tickled still exist on the internet; as screenshot below.
A search for Ezri Heymans, with "Ticklish" in the search term. Note that was mapped to the nameservers that delivered - thus, going to the same site.

Before going onto the final site for this blog post, it is worth mentioning that there were more sites like this, back in 2015 - during production of Tickled.

Site 3: Personal Vendetta against "Pornographer"?

Now this one is just sad, defamatory and bullshit wrapped into this large sack of shit. It's interesting and it's something that didn't make the final cut in the movie (perhaps because it wasn't really the focus of the film). This site targets one individual that goes by the name of "Louis".

And it's been revised partially on "June 20, 2016"...

This site made me sick as its intention of creation was clear, more than name-and-shame - but to discredit and bully. Together with the intimidating nature of what is the old national anthem of South Africa, "Die Stem van Suid-Afrika" this exact one, one could only feel that a site was to emphasise the feeling of shame within oneself, if it were made as a personal vendetta against them, by an enemy. If I could ever get in touch with Louis, then I'd want to ask him why he'd be the target of 'someone from Nederdietsen', if he ever came across the site before and how he feels about such a site created about him; and by what it seems, updated with personal information..

Absolutely. Fucking. Despicable. If you're like me, I'm thinking that the site should be taken down.

Site 4:


If one goes to, they'll be met with what is a listing of files (directory) on a server. For anyone who is a webmaster, leaving a website exposed with no instruction to prohibit site crawlers to index the website on search engines and web archivers (such as The Wayback Machine) - whilst it delivers strangers a listing of sensitive files to a server... THIS IS A FUCKING MISTAKE. THE WORST ONE TO EVER MAKE. YOU'D MIGHT AS WELL DRINK BLEACH.

However, to be fair.. Reeve does inform an audience in L.A. as to what had happened (see video below from 00:20:50:00)

We clicked on one of the files - and it said denied (delivered a 403 Forbidden response)


Months later... [one of those files] opened and it downloaded all the files... [Not too sure what happened] but it seemed to me that the web server had been moved from one physical machine to another [so the configuration, and thus the file permissions, had been changed]

A list of what files were involved aren't just shown in the documentary - but given the nature that most of the sites operated under Nederdietsen aren't blocking site crawlers/archivers - the Wayback Machine gives a lil' peak as to what files were on that site.

And whose name can be seen right there, in the Server Directory? Oh... D'amato's. // source: Wayback Machine (6 Apr '15)

Twitter Dialogues

After arming myself with the evidence that I collected that this point - I engaged in some interesting conversation with Kevin Clarke. The following is the entirety of the discussion had, after watching Jordan Schillachi's deposition-like video: an interview with Clarke, that just felt... manipulated.

Here is Schillachi's 'confession' with Clarke:

So after Clarke shares it on Twitter, how could I not engage with the fellow.

Within the "View Other Replies...
Then back to the main thread.
He finally sent me the article he was talking about...
... Which in all honesty, had nothing of the nature of Farrier and Reeve saying that Jordan was a liar. However, yes - Farrier and Reeve did give money to Schillachi:

“As a fixer, we agreed to pay him $400 a day for compensation of his time,” Reeve said. “He got $1,200 for three days and, along with interviewing him, he agreed to show us around the town to hopefully introduce us to some other people, which didn’t pan out.”

“Basically we could only be in Muskegon [the Michigan city where Schillachi lives] for this very set time,” Farrier said. “He was working those days, so the idea was to compensate him for that.”

Given that the money was as a way to compensate Schillachi for his time, which the article also writes that it was an uncommon and frowned practice in the U.S. (explains confusion from Clarke, perhaps), one has to question whether or not Clarke's opposition to the documentary only considers his side, rather than addressing the other points that were presented in the film, more specifically: the websites set-up (and posting of sessions on Video Repository sites) intended to intimidate, Name-and-Shame, those who were tickled in the past by those at Jane O'Brien Media. It could all be summed up in a quote from the same article:

Clarke would not comment on accusations in the movie from ticklers who say they were bullied by Jane O’Brien Media when they asked for videos to be taken down.

He won't even say anything about it. How sad.

update: a top notch person, by the name of Keri had convinced Kevin, through many tweets of debating, to potentially gain access to Jordan Schillachi and/or get access to the raw files that made up the weirdly-fake deposition video. To follow up in another post...

Next Edition..

I should be writing about uncovering a site, with its server directory exposed (ugh... again Nederdietsen?) to see what additional insights can produce themselves from the material I've collected to date.

update: I've just found a piece that was written back in 2012 that draws a link to supposed tickling videos being produced of serving/ed members of the forces in the USA. I'm going to send an e-mail to the author of the post to see if they'd be keen for a short interview on the matter.

Actually - just because I recently rendered it out... Here's the altercation between Reeve, Clarke and D'amato at a screening of Tickled in L.A. from two weeks ago. It made for one heck of a cracking watch...

But until then, it's Bon Voyage from me!

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