Weekly Agenda // Edition #4

Weekly Agenda | Episode 4
runtime: 3:21

After submitting the budget with a proper bank verified slip - Corey gets started in the production of his documentary by filming night shots of city landscapes. A preview is included.

He plans to do more, near the end of the month.

P.S: Branding is not on this one, due to Mac files needing some adjusting... :(. On the plus side, another review on MDE's World Peace is coming soon - as the series nears its conclusion next week on Saturday (NZST).

P.P.S: Aspect Ratio for the project will be in 2k Academy 185 (1.85:1), or 1828x988 OR 1920x1038. Reason is due to the fact that the Sony F3 was shooting on Friday with a 1.85:1 mask over the frame.

And I forgot to post something regarding #HP48MINUTES. Unfortunately, we didn't place in anything - isn't that the life of learning?

In the end, we went with a mockumentary idea. Shot waay tooo long and made a shit edit. This extended one is the best one that conveys character story.

Building Maintance in NZ [EXTENDED] | #HP48MINUTES
runtime: 2:16

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