Round 2 feat. Gillies // Edition #3

This week, the Just Thoughts podcast is taking over. This is just to save me time from having to write this. Just Thoughts Podcast: This week, »

Round 2 feat. Gillies // Edition #2

update (as of Tuesday 25 Aug) : The latest episode of "Just Thoughts" is made in retrospect to what has been written. It is included at the »

Round 2 feat. Gillies // Edition #1

OK. Right at the end of the production of the SIT Film School promotional profile piece, I'd like to take the time in writing this explanatory »

Dat Motion // Edition #1

It's the first post for Vaughn's Motion Graphics and Compositing class and it's pretty exciting. Given that students can freely work on a story that isn't »

Truth To Power // Edition #10

Houston, we have achieved enough knowledge to reach the 10th edition of the Truth To Power series. Unfortunately, it is our final last post for the »