Eyes of Lenses // Edition #10

updated: Mon 22 June @ 2:38pm -- Added Dramatic Scene #4 link from Vimeo. Well, well.. We've come to the end - in terms of this »

Eyes of Lenses // Edition #9

Second Assessment done. This weekend was purely dedicated in getting this Horror Cinematography thing done, in the way of pre-production, of course. Sppoky Horror Cinematography Exercise »

Eyes of Lenses // Edition #8

First assessment. Finally surpassed and done. With the second one coming up later on today, the blog won't be that jammed-packed with goodies - in fact, »

Eyes of Lenses // Edition #7

So. What's been up? Apart from 48HOURS draining my life away, nothing else has really happened. We recieved our Genres/News Report agenda from Patrick - »

Eyes of Lenses // Edition #6

Righto. So things happened in the first week back. Well, not exactly - but at least it was something interesting to note. As Gillies seems to »