Eyes of Lenses // Edition #5

Keeping these things short and sweet as practical exercises dominated the week. This week, in particular, was dedicated to testing out lighting - first Rembrandt on »

Eyes of Lenses // Edition #4

This week for Cinematography, the class said hello again to Mike, SIT's residential electrician inspector man, to nail down the key essential basics as to how »

Eyes of Lenses // Edition #3

For some reason, and it will explain why the length of this week's post is incredibly short - The only notes I have written includes the »

Eyes of Lenses // Edition #2

In generic terms, this week's class was basic in comprehension. The ideas expressed were easy to follow but I am currently thinking of one thing. With »

Eyes of Lenses // Edition #1

This week was the start of learning on how the eye of a camera functioned and how we were supposed to use it when lighting scenes »