Truth To Power // Edition #10

Houston, we have achieved enough knowledge to reach the 10th edition of the Truth To Power series. Unfortunately, it is our final last post for the »

Truth To Power // Edition #9

We're nearly getting to the 10th Edition. Wow. So right now, I should be in the process of creating the step outline for the Table Play, »

Truth To Power // Edition #8

Status + Ripping the shit out of two Rialto Channel™ 48HOURS™™ 2015 films for "undercooked scripting", including my film, took place this week. Dawn of the Dough: »

Truth To Power // Edition #7

This week. Nothing really happened. Although I must disclose that I was feeling like grog shit on Wednesday. I must of eaten something gone bad. Must »

Truth To Power // Edition #6

Nothing to be written this week as we are currently overlooking scripts that have recently been handed in. However, I would like to write a short »