Truth to Power // Edition #5

So. What did we do in screenwriting. Well. Apart from the fact that some "terrible" acting conspired with one lesson of giving characters a purpose and »

Truth to Power // Edition #4

Righto. After watching an hour of Field's approach to screenwriting - my brain is absolutely fried. Right there on the couch, I peered from the distance »

Truth to Power // Edition #3

This week, Patrick Gillies told me and others to quickly research about two theories, "ideal[istically]", however considering the fact that most of my weekend was »

Truth to Power // Edition #2

This week in Screenwriting, nothing else, apart from the steps on writing a screenplay and developing an examplar scene from a chosen venue and other elements »

Truth to Power // Edition #1

Given that this week was just an introduction to the Screenwriting course and the notes that I took were quite vague and lacked detail (on my »